Meditation is one of the most popular ways to manage and combat stress. It is most beneficial to people who experience all the pressure and tension of everyday stress. After a long day’s work, rest and relaxation is a must. This is where meditation comes into play; a safe and efficient method to reach a desired mental state characterized by optimum relaxation.

Meditation is also used for establishing connection with the higher powers to draw out inner strength.
This spiritual activity, which has been used thousands of years ago, was found to have originated from Eastern countries where primitive people established attempts to cultivate a sense of inner peace within them. These people made use of meditative postures that are conducive to focus and concentration, reaching an altered mental state, and eventually achieving higher levels of spirituality. As spiritual beings, we need to transcend our physical entity to carve a life characterized by harmony, tranquility and fulfillment. As such we need to learn how to have balance among our divine self, lower self and higher self.

To align these three dimensions, we have to learn the basic steps performed in a meditation. Although there are a wide variety of meditation activities, we will be focusing at meditation steps for beginners first.

First, find a quiet and peaceful place where you can sit comfortably, crossing your legs and keeping your back and head as straight as possible. At the same time, keep your eyes closed and your hands open, facing down on your lap. Afterwards, breathe in slowly and calmly; filling your lungs slightly more air than usual. Upon inhalation, imagine something pleasant and desirable going inside your respiratory tract; such as love, happiness, hope or whatever it is you seek in life. Upon exhalation, relax your mind and body as much as you can.

The next step is to free your body from tension or pressure just by continuing to inhale with something positive in mind and exhaling while imagining all the tension evaporate. You will feel all the parts of your body being freed from pressure; starting from the feet to the head.

Upon achieving generalized relaxation in your entire body, it’s time to concentrate on the area between your eyebrows. Just do the same technique; think of positive energy going inside your nose while inhaling and imagine your mind relax while exhaling, maintaining focus on your eyebrows.

The purpose of this activity is to assist you in reaching a level of consciousness characterized by optimal relaxation, and which is conducive to learning as well as physical and psychological well-being. This will require time and patience, but the results are definitely rewarding. Meditation is guaranteed to get rid your mind of unpleasant thoughts that impair your physical and mental performance.