The seven chakras in the human body function ceaselessly in carrying energy. Sometimes the energy flow is low and sometimes high and the human destiny is decided accordingly. Now suppose you had a method to intervene and take a command over these Chakras and make them do precisely what you intend to would it not be a divine experience. Kundalini Yoga does that magic if only you could carry out the process as precisely as it was done five thousand years ago. A powerful yoga with great intensity that intrudes with the chakras, Kundalini has a mystic aura about it.

Those who know about its miraculous powers often warn about the disastrous consequences if it is practiced by a person to satisfy his ego. This mysterious yoga seeks to raise the kundalini that is deep within all of us naturally but never usurped. When it rises up to the forehead level it opens the mystic third eye and all hell can break loose if a person in possession of Kundalini happens to be a wicked person. It bestows unimaginable mental powers to the person so that he could see what other people think and the worst is yet to come. He can easily alter their emotions to suit his purposes and make them do whatever he wishes.

You realize the potential of kundalini now. Even if you do not carry it up to the end this yoga could lift you spiritually and sense the infinite milk of kindness that flows from the Supreme Being. Definite targets in business and romance can be achieved by an ardent practitioner of Kundalini Yoga. This Yoga will achieve its purpose of maintaining a controlled flow of energy by the seven Chakras in our body. This will bring you your desired health condition and academic excellence.